Moving Questions Trainings

Sydney, December 2019

ISC International Systemic Center and Sarah Cornally from The Systemic Collective are partnering to bring Siets Bakker, Author and Creator of Moving Questions from the Netherlands to Australia.

Moving Questions

Siets will be presenting two workshops: a 2 day Moving Questions training and a 1 day workshop around the Moving Questions cards.

Read on for further information about the individual trainings, which can be attended separately or as a package.

Moving Questions: Two Day Training

How to make questions work for you. Learn questions to put systems into movement.

  • You will be more effective in your interventions because you have a better understanding in where to aim them.
  • Your work and life will be less exhausting and more rewarding because you have more control over the quality of your presence.
  • You will know how to use questions as an instrument to restore the natural movement of success.
  • You will receive a copy of the book Moving Questions.
About the training

Questions have a very specific quality: they have the potential to open up new realms. The beauty of a question is that anyone can ask a question, anytime. When you know how to use questions as a tool, all your current tools and knowledge increase in value. Just by adding questions. In this training you will learn how, in three steps:

  1. Knowing where the information needs to come from

    You don’t always have to do systemic interventions. Sometimes an intervention on a more result oriented level can be enough. In the first part of the training you’ll learn how to distinguish and connect both levels of information. This part of the training gives you new language with which it is very easy to invite others to also access the systemic realm. Even if they are sceptic or don’t like the systemic approach.
  1. The quality of your presence

    At least 50% of the effect of your intervention is determined by you, as the person who does the intervention. This rule applies in all situations in your life. Being aware of the quality of your presence is therefore one of the basic skills if you want to get access to information from the systemic realm and you will recognize when something is stuck somewhere. When something is stuck, it no use putting more energy in it to let it flow again. You need to reorganize yourself or the situation.
    How to organize your own quality of presence and how to let others into improving theirs, is the second part of this training.
  1. Using questions as a tool

    In this part of the training you’ll learn how to use questions as a tool. We will start with your favorite questions: what are the questions you love to use and what is the effect? We than add the grammar of Moving Questions to tweak your favorite questions. By tweaking them you will immediately experience how the question operate. You will also get a couple of question-combinations to use in specific situations and to organize your own thinking.

Each participant will receive a copy of the book Moving Questions.

Moving Questions: One Day Workshop

Win the game with Moving Question Cards.

  • You will have expanded your toolkit with Moving Questions.
  • You have practiced at least five new different formats of asking questions.
  • You will gain new insights about yourself and issues you might experience in your life.
  • You will receive the card deck Moving Questions.
About the workshop

At the beginning of the workshop you will receive the card deck Moving Questions. With this card deck you have 65 ready made Moving Questions and, on the backsides, symbols you can use in table constellations.

The cards can be used in many situations. During the workshop you will practice a way of using the cards for at least the following situations:

  • Individual coaching
  • Acquisition/intake as a professional providing services
  • Self coaching
  • Long distance conversation with questions
  • Decision making

After you feel comfortable enough with working with the cards, Siets will explain more about the grammar of the questions so you can create your own variations of the questions.

The last part of the workshop is used to include the symbols sides of the cards. You will learn how to mix table constellations with the questions, even if you are not a trained constellator.

Each participant will receive the card deck Moving Questions with 65 ready made Moving Questions.

Moving Questions in Sydney by Siets Bakker

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